Exist To Resist - Who are We and What do We Want?

In a world deteriorating from capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia and suchlike, it is easy to lose faith in change and betterment. However, there are many beacons of hope and humanity that fight for a better world. We want to make a small contribution to help those fighting the good fight and for those who are struggling because of the impacts of capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia and co. Therefore, we pledge that for each item we sell, we will donate a certain amount of the profits to organizations that we deem important in the different struggles that are fought in this world. We want to be as transparant and honest as possible. The exact amount of money we can donate, depends on how many products we sell. We are not here to make big money, but we need to fix our expenses (obviuosly). The profit we make will be split in two parts, one part we will donate and the other part we will use to further develop our website and start new projects that hopefully can help better this world. 

To whom to we donate? You can find out more about that in our Behind the Design blog! Each design is linked to a special organization/movement we donate to. For some of the designs we have not found a special organization yet (do you have an idea? Shoot us an Email). Therefore, we will choose one of the other organizations that are named in our articles.

Now, we are a small team and our website is under constant development. If you have any criticism or review, please let us know! You can shoot us an email (existtoresist.shop@gmail.com) or leave us a comment.

We have partnered with Printful for the development of our products. We are aware that this also means that we do not have full insight into how our products are made. However, their procedure of production seems to be sustainable and ethical. At least we could not find otherwise (if you do, let us know!). You can read more about them in their blog (click here)

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